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    How Trading Works

    1. You must be a member to trade with us

    2. We require a driver’s licence to prove you are 18 years or older

    3. A membership costs $5 annually

    4. We will total the value of your trade by offering credit for each item you wish to trade

    5. You may receive up to 50% of the total value back in cash, the remainder must be used as store credit

    6. Store credit can be used to purchase anything in the store except prepaid cards

    7. We do not offer any trade-in value for third-party items

    8. Unused store credit NEVER expires! The credit will remain on your account until you choose to use it

    9. ​We reserve the right to accept or decline items brought in for trade

    10. We do not provide quotes or estimate the value of any item over the phone or by email. You must bring the items into the store for us to properly assess the values for you